Your Docking Bay Reservation and Management Platform

Solution Features


Facilities Management

Manage multiple facilities from one place. Add, remove and edit Facilities as needed.

Bays Management

Manage one or more Docking Bays per Facility. Add, remove and edit Facility Docking Bays as needed.

Temporary Closures

Is one of your facilities closing temporarily. Disable and re-enable each facility as needed.

Manage Bookings

Capture requests for Facility Bay Bookings directly from partners. Booking approval functionality allows filtering and rejecting booking requests.

Visualize Booking Requests

Whether you want to present the daily schedule at the bays, or just simply see all bookings for a facility, the Dashboard allows visibility at a glance.

Configurable Days and Time Slots

Define which days and time slots are available for booking through simple configuration.

Licensing Information

For licensing information and to obtain the BayCheck installation package contact our sales group by filling in THIS form.