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Digital Transformation

Our services include defining a Digital Maturity Model, including current and target states. Based on market and competitor analysis, as well as company performance, we will help you define Digital Transformation Strategic Objectives. We will work with your team and budget to optimize your transformation process, as well as schedule transformational initiatives in order to reach your strategic objectives.
Our team will assist with technology considerations in order to reach the defined Digital Transformation Strategic Objectives.

Business Applications

Business Applications are an integral part in your organization's Digital Transformation strategy. Leveraging innovative technology solutions to solve your real-world challenges relies on robust platforms that allow for growth.
Improve you sales cycle, deliver better service, market better and strengthen operations through automatization. Democratize the application building process by leveraging low/no-code platforms that allow teams to create the necessary tools to optimize their processes and work flows.

Modern Workplace

Is your organization functioning cohesively? Teamwork is the key to success. A Modern Workplace will leverage a set of tools and applications to provide simple avenues for your teams to collaborate and excel.
Being able to increase collaboration, while maintain an increased level of security and compliance is the key to success. A Modern Workplace is a flexible workplace, where team collaborate across various channels, from various locations, achieving optimal results. A proven platform and set of tools, along with a strong plan, will assist you in achieving best results.

Cloud Implementation

Cloud solutions allow your organization to reduce overall costs. What is the right mix for your organization?
From business solutions like web-based services, SaaS, IaaS and PaaS to deployment models like hosted or hybrid versus the classical on-premise model, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Further to complicate things, you can choose between a public versus a private cloud.
We can help you choose the right fit for your organization's growth needs, and put in place a transition plan that takes into consideration other factors like readiness, change management and training requirements. This way you can be certain that your team can handle the transition in a most efficient way.

Management Consulting

Innovation and disruption are the new norm. Fortune 500 companies are aware and concerned about the pace of innovation, assisted by technological advancements. New disruptors appear seemingly out of nowhere, leaving leaders blindsided until it's too late.
Is your organization running at peak performance? Increase profitability, be more competitive, have better technology or improve efficiency, these are all factors that lead to increased profits.
Be the leader in your industry!

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Audit Services

When was the last time you had an audit done? You are probably doing financial audits on regular basis, you are also probably doing IT audits. But when was the last time you did an application/platform audit?
With more organization leveraging cloud services and SaaS solutions, the focus of the IT audit is shifting to a more granular level. These applications/platform have different update cycles, receive enhancements and improvements at various schedule cycles. An application/platform audit run annually will give you peace of mind knowing what needs to be reviewed, revised and improved, and when.

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We specialize in digital transformation, business application, modern workplace, cloud implementation, management consulting and application/platform audit services.

NEW: Launching CRM*Appliance

Starting January 2021, we are launching a new line of products targeted to our small and mid-size customers. The CRM*Appliance offering provides a set of several options to launch your own CRM within your Organization. You can now do just that, on your own terms. A one-time upfront cost, no recurring fees, and a solution hosted completly under your control.

For more details see our CRM*Appliance product page.

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